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Reaction Monitoring

In industrial environments, e.g. in pilot plants, the time dependent measurement, visualization and evaluation of chemical reactions can be of high importance. For this purpose Bruker offers a dedicated software package for reaction monitoring providing appropriate functionality.

  • Setup of continuous Measurements for monitoring and analysis of chemical reactions
  • 2D and 3D Spectra Plots in real time with intuitive and smart visualization options
  • Spectra Evaluation using multivariate methods in real time
  • Interactive Setup of Integration Methods in advance and during reaction monitoring
  • PCA (Principal Component Analysis) for easy trending and data analysis
  • Combination of classical and multivariate data analysis tools in one software package including different options for data pretreatment
  • Event Viewer including spectral Information, data extraction options and editable remarks for the reaction protocol
  • Different Modes for End Point Determination (manual or automatic), including options to monitor post reaction sequences
  • Automatic End Point Detection based on either PCA or integration results
OPUS Reaction Monitoring screenshot