SENTERRA II Compact Raman Microscope

Raman Applications for any Industry

The SENTERRA II allows measuring Raman images and combines the obtained spatially resolved molecular information with high-quality microscopic images of the sample. The analysis is performed contactless and without the need of sample preparation. Chemical images of the sample surface can be achieved with a very high spatial resolution down to less than a micron. In addition depth profiling of optically transparent samples allows non-destructive sample investigation in the third dimension. Being suitable to be used for the detection, discrimination and identification of organic and inorganic materials the SENTERRA II has a wide range of applications.



  • Identification of pure polymers and blends
  • Analysis of multilayer systems
  • Characterization of polymers: crystallinity, density, conformation
  • Determination of monomer content, fillers, additives
  • Failure analysis: identification of impurities and inclusions
Sunglasses fingerprint

Coatings and Interfaces

  • Study of the composition and homogeneity


  • Differentiation of polymorphs
  • Visualization of the distribution of API and excipients in tablets
  • Failure analysis: Identification of particles & inclusions
Solar cells

Materials Science

  • Differentiation of amorphous and microcrystalline silicon
  • Characterization of novel 2D materials & carbon nanotube
Car crash


  • Identification of trace evidence from crime scenes such as fibers, particles, paint chips, etc.
  • Proof of the authenticity of works of art
  • Analysis of counterfeit documents, pharmaceuticals and money
  • Illicit drug analysis
Oil painting eye

Art and Cultural Heritage

  • Identification of materials used for art objects
  • Discrimination of genuine and fake artifacts
  • Study of preservation, degradation and aging of objects of art
    Proteinstruktur frei

    Life Science

    • Study of the molecular composition of cells and tissue

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