SENTERRA II Compact Raman Microscope

Raman Microscopy at new Performance Levels

Research-grade Spectroscopic Performance

The SENTERRA II provides excellent detection sensitivity and high spectral resolution without compromising confocality.

For most applications not more than the standard grating is required: It covers the full Raman spectrum in a single scan with 4 cm-1 resolution. For demanding studies such as isotope splitting or polymorphism an additional high resolution grating can be set by a mouse click.

Intuitive & Save Operation

SENTERRA II is a very comfortable and intuitive to use system both for the routine user and the expert. Hard- and software form a tightly interlinked unit.
While the operator is guided by the software through the Raman microanalytical workflow all relevant hardware adaptations are performed automatically.

Unmatched Wavenumber Precision & Accuracy

For precise results an accurate calibration of the wavelength axis is essential. Bruker's unique SureCALTM technology assures a permanent and automatic calibration of the wavelength axis at any time and without the need of any user action.

Assured Reliability

When working with the SENTERRA II you can be sure that the results will be reliable at any time. Thanks to fully automated instrument test routines the performance verification is performed without losing precious analysis time. During the actual analysis spectral precision and accuracy is assured by the permanent and automated calibration of the wavelength axis.

Raman Imaging with Convenience

SENTERRA II provides powerful confocal Raman imaging and mapping functionality that can be applied straight forward without time-consuming alignment of parameters. The combination of efficient data acquisition and a high precision mapping stage result in submicron spatial resolution and fast generation of Raman images. Even high resolution Raman images can be measured within seconds.


Overcome Fluorescence

The choice of the appropriate laser excitation line is of crucial importance for meaningful Raman spectra without disturbing background fluorescence. The combination of the SENTERRA II with FT-Raman technology adds a 4th excitation line in the near infrared at 1064nm which reduces the occurrence of unwanted fluorescence to a minimum. A straight FT-Raman microscope is available as RamanScope III.