Automation for your Benchtop ESR

SampleBench extends the capacity of your benchtop ESR instrument and provides reliable sample automation in an easy to use, cost-effective system.

The SampleBench automation system provides fully reproducible and traceable results which are automatically saved and stored by the system. It allows automated, unattended use to maximize productivity and free you from routine measurement duties.

The SampleBench automation system is available as an upgrade package for an existing microESR or as a system bundle with a new microESR spectrometer.

Technical data for the SampleBench
Weights and Dimensions:
Autosampler Base assembly:30kg
x-axis 850 mm; y-axis 512 mm; z-axis 534 mm
Input Voltage:110V / 230V
Heater Block:30 – 200°C
Available Tube Diameters:O.D.  1.7 mm L x 103.5 mm
O.D. 5.0 mm L 103.5 mm:
Racks (supplied):1 x Input Sample Rack (96 position)
1 x Output Sample Rack (96 position)
1 x Calibration Sample Rack (12 position)


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