Temperature Control

Temperature control of samples is possible. The Temperature Controlled decktray accepts two containers in well plate format. Temperature can be adjusted for both positions independently between 4 and 40°C by Peltier elements. The format allows not only temperature control of well plates and rack with sample vials, but also the standard solvent reservoirs up to 600ml and most important for the prepared samples in the SampleJet tubes. Containers remain under temperature control during storage and the access to the container during the sample preparation process.


For mixing or dissolution tasks a shaker is available. It is under full software control and can be operated in parallel to other sample processing tasks.

Most well plate formatted containers can be used.

General Accessory

A large variety of containers is available for the SamplePro Tube. The geometry of the worktable is well plate oriented. Together with the flexibility of the Software and automatic container detection by barcodes a convenient usage is possible, that allows changes even during the running automation.