The Smart Spectrometer for Verification

SmartDriveNMR is the software application custom-built for use in open access NMR environments often found in medicinal chemistry and organic synthesis. This intuitive and easy-to-use software allows users to input basic experimental parameters and then turn the controls over to the software to determine and carry out the ideal combination of NMR experiments in a predetermined amount of time.

SmartDriveNMR offers flexible fully automated structure verification conducted at measurement time connecting instrument and analysis seamlessly.

The software will decide on-the-fly if further experiments can significantly improve the verification confidence while complying with the user’s demands concerning allocatable spectrometer time and confidence.

Key features:

  • Flexible on-the-fly structure verification
  • Powered by CMC-assist
  • Seamless connection between instrument and analysis
  • Optimized spectrometer use
  • No NMR expertise required


CMC-SmartDriveNMR is integral part of TopSpin installation, which may be downloaded here.