Technical Details, Features & Workflow

Measured on the minispec mq20 benchtop TD-NMR instrument, the proposed minispec Form Check enables quantification by comparing 1H or 19F T1 saturation recovery curves (SRC) of the pure components or even excipients with those of the analyte of interest. The novelty of the approach is that a full relaxation time analysis, which is often prone to errors, is not required. Instead a linear combination of the reference SRCs is fitted to the SRC of the mixture. The coefficients of this linear combination directly translate to the relative mass percentages of the pure components. Dependent on the relaxation properties of the components, the method accuracy can go down to half a percent.


  • Uses the minispec mq20 benchtop instrument: small foot print, cryogen-free, versatile, low cost of ownership
  • 1H and 19F setups available
  • Choose between 10 mm or 18 mm diameter glass tubes
  • Variable temperature (+5 to +65°C) available with the 10 mm option
  • Upgrade to research mode to develop your own experiments
  • Patented analysis included in Bruker's well established Dynamics Center
  • Sample automation upgrade possible
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