Technical PET Features

  • Patented continuous LYSO crystals, unrestrained by discrete layers, and high-resolution depth-of-interaction technology enable precise 3D localization of events. This precise event localization results in  constant and high spatial resolution when moving out of the center of the PET Field-of-View.
  • Consistent and reproducible tracer quantification within the entire FOV, regardless of object size, position and activity is enabled by the homogeneous spatial resolution.
  • Ultra-fast reconstruction (under 1min) using GPU reconstruction and MLEM reconstruction.
  • Exceptional count rate performance combined with 12% sensitivity for dynamic and gated studies for high temporal resolution and superior image quality.

Full Field of View and Accuracy

Full field of view and accuracy offers real, homogeneous sub-millimetric volumetric PET resolution and quantification in all three axes, in the entire field of view. This is possible due continuous crystal detectors with SiPM technology and true depth of interaction 3D precision equivalent to 10+ layer pixelated crystal detectors.



Technical Micro-CT Features

  • Microfocus X-ray source with adjustable energy and automatic filter setting allows optimized scanning protocol with minimized applied doses.
  • Fast and sensitive flat-panel detector resolving dynamics of mouse heart and lungs activities.
  • Patented spatial beam shaper reduces the X- ray dose by 2-5 times without degradation of image quality.
  • Accelerated GPU reconstruction supports beam hardening correction, misalignment compensation, ring artifact removal and many other options.
  • On-screen dose meter indicates applied dose to the animal based on information from individual analysis of X-ray images.