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Contour K 3D Optical Microscope
Contour K 3D Optical Microscopes
Entry-Level High-Resolution Non-Contact Measurement Tool

surface roughness inspection tool

Contour GT-K

Industry-Standard Benchtop Metrology Featuring High-Resolution Imaging

Bruker surface finish measurement

Contour Elite K

Benchtop Metrology with High-Fidelity Color Imaging and Live Image Acquisition

Contour I 3D Optical Microscope MuVi SPIM seperator Advanced High-Resolution Imaging with Tip/Tilt Head and Isolation Base

Contour GTI 330x379

Contour GT-I

Fully Automated Benchtop Metrology with Integrated Air Isolation

Contour EliteI 330x379

Contour Elite I

Fully Automated Benchtop Metrology with High-Fidelity Color Imaging

Contour X 3D Optical Profiler MuVi SPIM seperator Fully-Automated Premier Profiling System with Automatic Calibration and Integrated Isolation Table

Contour GTX 330x379

Contour GT-X

Fully Automated Gauge-Capable Optical Profiler with Production Interface

Contour EliteX 330x379

Contour Elite X

Fully Automated Optical Profiler with High-Fidelity Color Imaging, and Live Image Acquisition

Industrial / Commercial Profilers MuVi SPIM seperator 3D Optical Profilers for Industrial Applications

ContourSP fullshot openv1


Large-Panel Metrology System for High-Volume, High-Precision PCB Production Control

Hd 9800 330x379


Large-Format Surface Profiling System for the Data Storage Industry

NPFLEX 3D Metrology System MuVi SPIM seperator Most Flexible Profiler with Isolation and Large Gantry

NPFLEX 330x379


Large-Sample, Non-Contact 3D Metrology Solution with Adjustable-Angle Optics