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Vision64 Map Software

Enhanced Metrology Analysis and Reporting

Vision64 Map™ data analysis and reporting software, based on Digital Surf’s industry-leading Mountains® Technology, is a comprehensive extension to Bruker’s Vision64® instrument control and analysis software. Vision64 Map enables more comprehensive 3D surface visualization and analytical data with Bruker 3D optical microscope systems. Now, a complete metrology workflow is available for users, from automated data acquisition and advanced data analysis to powerful data visualization and reporting. 

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Maximized Value for Bruker 3D Optical Microscopes:

  • Present data with stunning 3D visualization
  • Characterize surfaces in accordance with the latest metrology standards around the world
  • Automate data reporting in 11 different languages
  • Meet specific application needs with customized, feature-rich modules

Vision64 Map gives power users access to advanced, very customizable functions, yet it is also intuitive and easy enough to use for production monitoring on manufacturing floors. The software also allows users to characterize surfaces in accordance with the latest metrology standards, including ISO, ASME B46.1, DIN, JIS, and their equivalents in other geographic regions of the world. Vision64 Map opens up streamlined access to automated reporting of advanced surface measurements in 11 languages, while ensuring compatibility across a wide range of industry norms.

Multiple image enhancement tools with control panel

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ISO 25178 Watershed segmentation with motifs analysis

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Example report of volume parameters and surface texture

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