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Unrivalled AFM and Optical Synchronization Capabilities

BioScope Resolve's seamless integration of atomic force microscopy and light microscopy reveals more detail and information of biological samples including mechanical properties. The system's unique design makes combined optical and AFM research easy with its open access to the sample, single instrument setup, and correlated data collection and analysis. Researchers can now perfectly connect real-time optical images with AFM imaging.



The new MIROView graphical interface and ScanAsyst-Cell mode ensure expert data generation, regardless of the user’s AFM experience level. Other features include:

  • Integrates with all major microscope models and optical techniques
  • Single, integrated view and operation controls for AFM or optical microscope
  • Syncronized AFM images, force maps and single force curves with optical images and data
  • Point-and-click setup for automated force and imaging measurements
  • Video creation of experiments showing optical and AFM results
  • BioAFM accessories and PeakForce Tapping probes to meet every application
  • PeakForce Modes
MIROView, integrated optical and AFM
MIROView GUI enables seamless mode switching and automated measurements of multiple data types.