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IntraSpect 90 Testing Modes

surface analysis
IntraSpect 90 - Indentation Testing | Bruker

Indentation Testing

Using the 3-axis sample positioning stages, the sample is positioned appropriately beneath a pyramidal-shaped diamond probe such that the Raman laser source can be focused directly on the contact zone at an angle of 90°. This allows for the direct observation of pressure-induced phase transformations, amorphization, and molecular re-arrangements occurring beneath the contact point during traditional nanoindentation testing.

Tensile Testing

An available micro Push-to-Pull (PTP) device provides a means to apply uniaxial tension forces to small-scale fibers, films, and 2D materials in combination with Raman spectroscopy. Stress and strain values can be easily obtained from the raw force and displacement output of the system and correlated to structural changes within the material.

IntraSpect 90 Tensile Test | Bruker
IntraSpect 90 - Compression Testing | Bruker

Compression Testing

Stress to microscale pillars, particles, and other small-scale structures is applied using a flatended diamond probe. The microstructural origins of deformation behavior and strength are dynamically observed to inform the next generation of advanced engineered materials.

Bend Testing

Elastic and fracture properties of micro-cantilevered and clamped beam specimen can be measured with bend testing. Simultaneous optical imaging enables direct observation of fracture initiation and subsequent propagation through a sample.

IntraSpect 90 - Bend Testing | Bruker