G6 LEONARDO - Technical Details

Sample Types

Inorganic, dry, any form or shape

Sample Dimensions8 x 8 mm cross section (pieces, chips, pins, granules), different sample ports available for special applicationsWide variety of sample materials

Nitrogen and Hydrogen

Nondispersive IR absorption of CO, no moving parts, multiple range detectors with reference beam and on-board linearization
Thermal conductivity detector with reference channel and
adjustable gain amplifier

Reliable, maintenace-free performance without drift

Reliable, adjustable ranges, drift free
Water-cooled Electrode Furnace with FusionControlSolid high temperature operation for refractories, precise temperature control

Sample Port

Particle Filtering

Lower electrode movement by reliable electronic motion module

Rotating sample port integrated into water cooled furnace block

High-capacity dust trap followed by in-line particle filtering

Robust, cost-saving operation without working gas. Automatic, torque limited readjustment ensures ideal crucible:electrode contact and safety for crucible, furnace and operator.

Shields sensitive samples from heat input and hydrogen losses before analysis. Allows capsule-free measurement of grains without jamming.

Stable analytical results with reduced maintenance and
component protection
Cooling Water

4 l/min at 3 bar supply pressureFits on every usual tap water line, tap, water-saving
design with solenoid valve, chiller also possible
Carrier Gas
Ar (O, N), He (O, N), N2 (H) each 99.995 % purity
(99.9990 % for trace analysis)
Flexible carrier gas choice without compromises
Noise Emission
< 55 dB(A) peakEnjoy the silence
Single and multipoint calibration, advanced weighting algorithm with error bars and range mergingEasy simultaneous calibration of all ranges with
  • Magnesium perchlorate
  • Sodium hydroxide on support
  • Copper oxide, rare earth base (N-model)
  • Schuetze reagent (H-model)
Power Supply
400 - 480 VAC (± 10 %), 50-60 Hz, 32 A, 7 kVA, 1 Phase plus N or 2 Phase, grounding wire
230 VAC (± 10 %), 50-60 Hz, 64 A, 7 kVA available as option
Compatible to worldwide power and current
Models AvailableSingle or dual element O, N, H, ON, OHIdeal tool for process and quality control
Dimensions and Weight71 x 66 x 78 cm (W x D x H), ~145 kgCompact form, easy to maintain

*) Depending on configuration