Automation Functions for EBSD

Easy-to-Use EBSD with ESPRIT

EBSD software with all its acquisition and post processing options is usually very complex and distributed over several independent applications. Bruker's approach to making EBSD software easier to use was first of all the full integration with the ESPRIT EDS software to provide the same look and feel for both techniques. Secondly, and more important, a range of assistants and tools for setting up and performing measurements has been included.

Signal Assistant

Signal Assistant Functional Principle
Functional principle of the Signal

The Signal Assistant is the automatic software tool for adjusting camera settings at the beginning of a measurement run. This results in optimally exposed pattern images. Readjustment is only necessary if measurement conditions are changed.

Calibration Assistant

Calibration Assistant
The Calibration Assistant for pattern
center calibration

Exact pattern center calibration is an absolute necessity for correct indexing and for avoiding misidentification of phases. QUANTAX EBSD provides a sophisticated Calibration Assistant which automatically performs this task using the current sample (no calibration standard required). Re-calibrating is only necessary after changing the sample-detector geometry, e.g. sample-detector distance or detector tilt.

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QUANTAX EBSD – Reinventing EBSD (PDF brochure)