Cadmium Testing and Analysis

Cadmium is a metal element with symbol Cd and atomic number 48. While cadmium has some important industrial applications—such as cadmium electroplating and as a process control element in nuclear fission—it is a toxic heavy element, and must therefore be kept out of soil, groundwater, consumer products, and the waste stream. Contact Bruker today to discuss your cadmium testing needs.

Cadmium Testing with Bruker Handheld XRF

The Bruker handheld XRF cadmium testing gun can identify cadmium in most samples quickly, accurately, and nondestructively. Bruker handheld analyzers are easy to use in a simple, point-and-shoot fashion to identify the presence of cadmium in soil, metals, consumer products, electronics, pigments, and other sample types.

Cadmium is restricted by a variety of regulations in the United States and around the world, including but not limited to:

By conducting cadmium testing and implementing a due diligence program for your business or government agency, you can protect the safety of consumers, employees, and the public, while also complying with regulations and avoiding potential costly disasters. Protect your company with a cadmium analysis gun. Please get in touch with our analytical chemistry experts at Bruker to determine how to best meet your cadmium analysis needs.