Q8 MAGELLAN, optical emission spectrometer, metals analysis

Q8 MAGELLAN – High-End Optical Emission Spectrometer for Metal Analysis

Optical system

  • Paschen Runge / 750 mm
  • Wavelength range: 110 nm – 800 nm
  • Photomultiplier detectors: Highest anode sensitivity; Very stable and low dark current
  • Up to 128 analytical channels
  • Single vacuum optic

Read-out system

  • Time-resolved reading of single sparks; Individually settable integration windows for all analytical channels with simultaneous acquisition of each single spark
  • Scalable and microprocessor controlled read-out system; Use of modern and programmable electronics for time-critical jobs; Integrators are matched to detector characteristics; High-quality PCI data recording board with a sampling rate up to 250 kHz

Instrument control

  • Communication: Use of Ethernet and TCP/IP between PC and instrument as well as for all instrument internal communication


  • Digital generation of any discharge current curve through programmable logic modules
  • Integrated emergency stop
  • Maintenance-free, inductive ignition
  • Discharge time 10 µs to 2 ms
  • Max. 200 A peak current
  • Max. 1000 Hz spark sequence


  • Analysis software with integrated single spark evaluation
  • Material quality monitoring with dynamic internal and external limit check
  • Material identification of unknown samples
  • Analysis management: Integrated analysis management using SQL data base; Storage, sorting, filtering, display, searching, printing, archival; Comprehensive statistic evaluation, SPC charts (option), certificate
  • Email supported reporting system
  • Integrated systems for diagnosis and maintenance via internet or telephone provide efficient service at short term