Sealed Tube, X-ray Source, SC-XRD

Sealed Tube X-ray Source

Our water-cooled sealed tube X-ray source delivers a large top-hat-shaped beam with excellent intensity for large and medium sized crystals in chemical crystallography. The source can be combined with a flat graphite monochromator for Cu and Mo radiation. The TRIUMPH monochromator is available for Mo radiation as an alternative to further increase the intensity. The sealed tube is powered by 3 kW highly-stabilized medium-frequency generator featuring an automatic monitoring of all important parameters as part of the DAVINCI concept.

Since both, tube and generator are water-cooled heat dissipation to the air is minimized.

  • Automatic burn-in of X-ray tubes to facilitate maximum tube lifetime
  • Ramp-up and ramp-down to stand-by of the X-ray generator by software

For smallest crystals in chemical crystallography higher intensity sources, such as the IμS or the TXS are available. These sources also should be used for the investigation of protein crystals.