software, APEX2, PROTEUM2, single crystal X-ray diffraction

Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction Software

We provide fully integrated and intuitive software packages that utilize world-class algorithms for data acquisition and data processing. Automated data processing pipelines allow for quick data acquisition and expert modes provide all the fine adjustments you want for the most challenging samples.

Our software guides you through the complete experiment with minimal input and maximum graphical feedback, and allows you to focus on the structure determination at hand. Use APEX3 or PROTEUM3 to launch data collection or integration modules with a mouse click. The GUI keeps you informed about the progress and quality of the structure determination process. Underlying engines for data acquisition, unit cell determination, data integration, and scaling utilize the world’s best algorithms to generate superior data. 

Benefit from built-in expert knowledge about instrument geometry and data collection strategies when using the D8 QUEST, D8 QUEST ECO, or D8 VENTURE.

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