D2 PHASER XE-T Edition

The world´s best benchtop XRD system got even better now

Equipped with the unique LYNXEYE XE-T detector, the D2 PHASER XE-T Edition plays in a league of its own!

With an energy resolution better than 380eV, the LYNXEYE XE-T detector features four times the energy resolution of traditional silicon strip detectors.

This enhanced resolution allows the LYNXEYE XE-T to function in a unique, digital monochromator mode in to efficiently remove unwanted radiation, such as sample fluorescence, K-beta radiation, and Bremsstrahlung background scattering, without meaningful losses in one-dimensional detection speed.

LYNXEYE XE-T detector


  • Energy resolution <380 eV
    4x better than any other 1D detector on the market!
  • High-speed data acquisition
    Up to 450 times faster than a conventional point detector system!
  • Superior filtering of fluorescence and white radiation
    You don‘t need any Kß filters, mirrors, or monochromators!
  • Perfect line profile shapes
    No Kß filter artefacts (remnant Kß, absorption edges) in the data!
  • Outstanding peak-to-background ratio
    Best lower limits of detection (LLOD) and quantification (LLOQ)!
  • Quality by design
    Radiation hard - operation with all common characteristic X-ray emission lines!
    No defective channels at delivery time - guaranteed!

Superior filtering of fluorescence and white radiation

Superior filtering of fluorescence and white radiation

Natural iron ore sample illustrating the unparalleled lower limits of detection capabilities of the D2 PHASER XE-T Edition (red scan) versus standard benchtop XRD data (black scan). Thanks to the LYNXEYE XE-T detector, Calcite is easily detected (blue peak marker). For the standard benchtop XRD, Calcite is well below the detection limits.

Superior line profile shapes - no metal filter artefacts

Superior line profile shapes - no metal filter artifacts

Comparison of corundum data (NIST SRM 1976b) obtained with the LYNXEYE XE-T and a standard detector system.
Black scan: unfiltered radiation
Blue scan: Standard detector system with Ni-filter
Red scan: LYNXEYE XE-T. No remnant Kβ, no absorption edges