S2 PUMA EasyLoad Carousel

Loading of large samples

Unlimited flexibility for all kinds of samples

The S2 PUMA EasyLoad Carousel accommodates up to 11 different samples in one tray. Samples can be powders, solids, pressed pellets, fused beads, or liquids, with sizes of 32 mm, 40 mm or 51.5 mm in diameter. Different sample types and sizes can even be mixed on a single carousel tray.

The S2 PUMA Carousel sets new standards – not only for small samples

How to measure large samples if you don’t want to cut them to size? Nothing could be easier – just remove the tray and the sample chamber provides room for large samples – for non-destructive elemental analysis. Very small to large samples of up to 45 x 42 cm can be directly analyzed in the S2 PUMA EasyLoad Carousel.

Mark the spot – and document your XRF measurements

For exact sample positioning, a video camera is integrated in the S2 PUMA, providing a close-up view of the sample and enables you to ensure that just the right spot is analyzed. A video camera image is saved along with the EDXRF measurement data and results for later reference.

Discover parts of your sample – with small spot analysis

When performing failure analysis, analyzing geological samples or investigating in consumer product safety, a specific small spot of the sample can be of interest. The S2 PUMA is equipped with an integrated collimator to perform analysis of small spots from a couple of centimeters down to a few millimeters.

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