S2 PUMA – utmost efficiency with EasyLoad

S2 PUMA XY Autochanger Detail
Easy, quick, and convenient loading of mixed batches

High sample throughput, low cost of ownership and extreme reliability count in many industries and this is where the S2 PUMA shines. No matter if the samples are pressed pellets, fused beads, powders, solids, or liquids, up to 20 samples are loaded at once with the EasyLoad XY sample tray.


New samples can be added at any time – even while a measurement is running. EasyLoad maximizes the sample throughput and minimizes the cost of ownership of the instrument.

S2 PUMA EasyLoad XY Autochanger – ready to run 24/7!

Enhancing performance! Reducing costs!

The S2 PUMA analyses each sample with the optimal method: Liquids are analyzed under helium atmosphere, while solids are ran under vacuum. This is essential to get the best performance for lighter elements. The S2 PUMA's optional vacuum pump eliminates the need for helium when light elements in solid samples are analyzed. There is simply no other EDXRF instrument as efficient as the S2 PUMA!

Connectivity in an automated laboratory

For highest sample throughput the S2 PUMA can easily be integrated into an automated lab. The samples are prepared automatically and loaded via a conveyor belt or robot directly into the S2 PUMA. This ensures process control at its highest level.

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