The versatile toolbox for accurate elemental quantification in all kinds of metals

Metals, XRF
Different kind of metal

The new solution of Bruker enables users to analyze more than 23 elements in iron, steel, and alloys, such as nickel, cobalt, copper, tin, and lead based metals – quickly, directly and easily. With only one universal calibration based on the unique variable alpha model for matrix correction users can get immediate results for any metal sample without prior knowledge about the composition.

METAL-QUANT is the perfect solution for users in

  • Ferrous metal production (iron and steel)
  • Non-Ferrous metal production (nickel, cobalt, copper, tin, lead)
  • Foundries
  • Central labs for quality control
  • Commercial service labs

The S8 TIGER Series 2 with METAL-QUANT comes ready-to-analyze and saves therefore weeks of application support and valuable standards. The high performance of wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis


METAL-QUANT recognizes automatically the major elements and selects the optimal measurement conditions. In addition it minimizes the measurement time for minor elements based on counting statistical optimization. No further user interaction is required. As additional customer benefit METAL-QUANT can be used as toolbox to setup dedicated, customized metal applications using the calibrated lines and settings.