EPR Training Courses

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Our annual training courses include an introduction into the different fields of EPR (Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, also known as ESR, Electron Spin Resonance), lectures to particular topics, and practical sessions on our demonstration machines. In general, the two EPR courses take place in June, 2019.
The Pulsed EPR course is offered June 17 – 21. The CW EPR course is offered June 11 – 14.

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The number of participants may be limited in order to ensure that each participant has plenty of time to train themselves on our spectrometers.

For further information please contact:
Joni Bruno
EPR Course Coordinator

Tel. 978-667-9580
Fax  978-667-0985
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Application Training Courses: 2019

Course Date Deadline Location Language Status
ELEXSYS & EMX CW-EPR June 11- 14 May 10 Billerica English closed
ELEXSYS Pulse-EPR June 17 - 21 May 17 Billerica English closed