What you will discover

You will be shown how to achieve not good, but great experimental results after a brief spectrometer and probe setup, aided and guided by TopSolids itself, and receive a comprehensive overview of the inner workings and structure of the software.

Using a research sample, we will show you how easy it is to automatically fine tune the spectrometer to focus on the sample of interest.
Effective use of TopSolids’ flow concept can achieve great results for your specific sample and we will show you how to reproducibly achieve the best results.

TopSolids consists of two basic parts. Part one, through an interactive flow bar, guides you through the setup of all necessary experimental parameters using a setup sample. Based on Part one’s results, Part two guides you through the parameter setup for the sample of interest.

A parameter manager keeps track of all important experimental parameters and you will learn how to exploit the parameter manager and the setup tools for great results.
A final phase sets up all the necessary n-dimensional experiments that can help you find a high fidelity structure for your biopolymer.

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