AFM: Dimension Edge

October 8-10, 2019 | Palaiseau, France

Course Objective:

During this modular 3-day course you can improve your skillset on the Bruker Dimension Edge system. If you are new to the system or need a refresher, you can choose to stay the full three days or participate only in one or two days, depending on your personal requirements. The course covers basic software usage, probe selection, probe installation, laser alignment, standard experiments in contact, tapping and ScanAsyst mode on the first day. A brief look into the analysis functions is also scheduled for day one. On the second day advanced options of the Dimension Edge AFM are covered. We would start with calibrating the AFM, optimizing scan conditions to minimize sample and tip degradation, training on lift mode and work in liquids. Day three will be used for introduction to work with the application modules to get an understanding on the electrical measurements possible with the Dimension Edge system. The course will be held in Palaiseau, France. The language will be English.

Day 1:

  • Introduction to AFM
  • Dimension Edge Measurement set up
  • Nanodrive software
  • Contact, Tapping and ScanAsyst mode (pros and cons), standard settings, parameter explanation
  • Basic Analysis functions


Day 2:

  • Calibration
  • Artifacts
  • Optimizing scan parameters
  • Lift Mode
  • Measurements in fluids


Day 3:

  • Electrical Measurements with the Dimension Edge
  • Piezo Response Microscopy
  • C-AFM
  • Surface Potential
  • Scanning Capacitance Microscopy
  • Dark Lift Mode




Register Here


One free seat for Standard Care customers. Two free seats for Premium Care customers. Standard fee of 500 Euro per day. Daily lunch is included. Application deadline closes 4 weeks before the training begins. The maximum number of participants is 6; when there are more than 6 participants we will try to organize an extra training. When less than 3 participants register, the course will be cancelled.