Special AFM mode training course on Electrochemistry

Oct 23-24, 2019  | Karlsruhe, Germany

Course Objective:

Bruker Customer Support likes to introduce you to or to refresh your knowledge on electrochemical AFM. During the 2-day course we will present you ways to prepare your measurements on Dimension Icon and how to set up the experiment. In addition, the theoretical aspect of electrochemistry will also be briefly covered. In aqueous solutions we will perform electrochemical experiments and investigate the surface with an AFM at the same time. On the second day we would like to work with the special mode SECM where the probe is used as an electrode to measure locally the electrochemical potential on the electrode surface. Probe handling of this highly sensitive method will be part of the training. The system used will be a Dimension Icon.

The course will be held in Karlsruhe, Germany. The language will be English.


Day 1: 

  • Electrochemistry sample/electrode preparation
  • EC cell set up
  • Experimental set up (Bipotentiostat, Controller input)
  • Nanoscope EC software explanation
  • Cyclic Voltammetry in aqueous solution


Day 2: 

  • SECM set up
  • Testing SECM probes
  • SECM potential measurements
  • SECM probe cleaning





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Cost and Conditions

  • One free seat for Standard Care customers
  • Two free seats for Premium Care customers. 
  • Standard fee 500 Euro per day. 
  • Daily lunch is included. 
  • Application deadline closes 4 weeks before the training begins. 
  • The maximum number of participants is 6, when there are more than 6 participants we will try to organize an extra training. 
  • When less than 3 participants register, the course will be cancelled.