Bruker ParaVision Training Videos

These online training videos demonstrate new features of the ParaVision 360 software so you can maximize the results of your multimodality imaging experiments. In the videos our applications scientists describe the software functionalities and the associated workflows.

For ParaVision 6.0.1 webinars focussing on MRI application specific topics such as Cardiac Imaging, Spectroscopy, Protocol Setup and Shimming Strategies:  Watch Here

Please note that most of the application specific workflows shown in ParaVision 6.0.1 webinars are also applicable to ParaVision 7.

PV360 Overview (19 min)

Covered Topics:

•          General PV360 layout overview
•          Study registration
•          Reviewing datasets in browser
•          Data transfer / archiving
•          Projects and Sessions

Basic MR Imaging (14 min)

Covered Topics:

  • Cradle Positioning
  • Adjustment platform
  • MR-Specific: Wobble
  • Basic MR scan with parameter settings
  • MR based Attenuation map

PET Imaging (8 min)

Covered Topics

  • Defining new isotopes and compounds
  • PET scanning parameters
  • Advanced reconstruction and dynamic



Multimodal Image Fusion and Registration (6 min)

Covered Topics:

  • Image Fusion
  • Image Registration
  • Exporting to DICOM and opening in PMOD

DTI - Reconstruction and Visualization (11 min)

Covered Topics:

    • 3D DTI in a ferret brain ex vivo
    • DTI parameters for ex vivo studies
    • Default and Tensor reconstruction
    • Visualization of DTI data

    DTI – Considerations for In Vivo Imaging (12 min)

    Covered Topics:

    • 2D DTI in a rat brain in vivo
    • DTI parameters for in vivo studies
    • Diffusion encoding, EPI readout, slice geometry
    • EPI shimming strategy

    Animal Transport System  (10 min)

    Covered Topics:

    • ATS controls in ParaVision
    • Bed Position Modes
    • Setting up Multi-Bed Position Acquisition