Introduction to Solid State NMR


  • Introduction to basic concepts of Solid State NMR: Magic Angle Spinning, High Power Decoupling, Cross Polarization
  • Hands-on sample preparation: rotor packing
  • Introduction to Topsolids
  • Probe setup via Topsolids: magic angle setting, shimming and referencing, pulse calibration
  • Setup and acquisition of CPMAS carbon and nitrogen spectra with Topsolids
  • Advanced experiments: 2D and 3D bio-solid, or 1D and 2D quadrupolar nuclei experiments


This course is an introduction to solid state NMR. A few basic theoretical concepts will be explained, but most of the course will be practical. After being trained in rotor filling and packing, the participants will proceed to setup the probe using Topsolids. Thanks to the assistance of Topsolids, the users will set the magic angle, shim the probe, and perform some pulse calibrations. Carbon and nitrogen CPMAS spectra are also part of the practical program.

Depending on customer requests and hardware availability, additional more advanced nD-experiments for bio-solids or material science will be illustrated.

Prerequisite Qualification:

To profit at the maximum of the course we recommend the participation to customers with at least a basic understanding of NMR. A good knowledge of Topspin is helpful but not necessary.

Overview: NMR Training Germany & Switzerland

Date and Place:

March 28-29, 2019 in Fällanden/Zürich

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Course Cost and Duration:

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2 day


Course Coordination:

Bruker BioSpin AG
Mrs. Svetlana Startseva
Industriestrasse 26
CH-8117 Fällanden
Phone: +41-44-825 95 42
Fax: +41-44-825 95 50

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