BDAL Training MALDI Advanced Courses

MALDI TOF Advanced Application Courses

*If you are interested in one of these advanced supplemental courses, please indicate on the registration page.
**Only ONE advanced course may be selected in conjunction with the general MALDI TOF Operation Training.

Proteomics & BioTools™
(1 Day)

Instruction covers MALDI sample preparation, data acquisition and in-depth interpretation of mass fingerprint and MS/MS data. Topics include; establishing a search query, batch searches, reviewing search results, de novo sequencing, post-translational modifications and editing protein and peptide sequences.


MALDI TOF Tissue Imaging
(1 Day)

This course is designed as an introduction to the process of preparing samples for molecular Imaging including the use of the ImagePrepTM. You will learn how to utilize the flexImaging™ software to transform a photographic picture into its 2-dimensional molecular components. You will learn how to automatically initiate the acquisition of an image, and then process the resulting information with flexImaging™.


(1.5 Days)

Learn how to improve the efficiency and success of identifying individual constituents that comprise complicated proteome samples. During this 1.5 day course, you will learn how to maximize LC conditions and minimize MALDI plate spotting for the best possible workflow. This includes an overview of the COMPASS™ software package (FlexControl™, AutoXecute™, FlexAnalysis™, ProteinScape™, and BioTools™) to develop methods for automated data acquisition using MS and MS/MS technologies. Robotic operations with the Proteineer fc will be reviewed, considerations of various MALDI targets and options about automated analysis will be discussed.


Polymers & PolyTools™
(1 Day)

This course covers the analysis of synthetic polymers. A review of the advantages and considerations of measuring polymers by MALDI TOF is followed by the interpretation of mass spectra using PolyTools™ to obtain number average (Mn), weight average (Mw), and polydispersity (Pd).


(1.5 Days)

Instruction covers all relevant features of ProteinScape™ software for protein, peptide and glycan analyses. Topics include familiarization with ProteinScape™ GUI (arrangements of windows, customization of views etc.), project set-up and structure, data import, data handling and retrieval, data export, database maintenance, and project access management.