New Advances in Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy

Nanoscale Infra-red spectroscopy uniquely combines AFM techniques with nanoscale photothermal FTIR chemical fingerprinting and scattering SNOM characterisation of plasmonics and optical properties. 

Webinar Overview

We have invited Curt Marcott, Light Light Solutions, and Dean Dawson, Bruker Nano Surfaces, to share vital insights into nanoscale identification of materials and their chemical/optical properties using the latest advances in nanoscale IR spectroscopy.

Our speakers will introduce a range of new innovations and applications enabled by Bruker's Anasys nanoIR3 platform. Topics include:

  • New technology behind the nanoIR3 platform
  • 2nd Generation Tapping AFM-IR™
  • HYPERspectra™ high-speed nanoIR spectroscopy at every image pixel
  • Recent exciting applications
  • Ground breaking research behind recent nanoIR publications

About the Presenter

Curt Marcott

Dr. Curtis Marcott is currently a Senior Partner at Light Light Solutions, a spectroscopic consulting firm. A former research fellow at Procter & Gamble, Curt was the 2011 President of the Society of Applied Spectroscopy and is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Applied Spectroscopy. Dr. Marcott is currently an Affiliated Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Delaware and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Miami University in Oxford, OH. Curt obtained his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota in 1979.