Advances in EBSD Analysis Using Novel Dynamical Pattern Simulation Software

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Composite of Kinematic and Dynamical Austenite Pattern Simulation
Magnetite Crystal Structure
Magnetite Crystal Structure

Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) relies on the analysis of electron Kikuchi patterns which are obtained from microscopic regions of a sample in a scanning electron microscope. ESPRIT DynamicS, a newly released software package by Bruker, provides tools for EBSD pattern simulation using the dynamical theory of electron diffraction. It generates EBSD pattern simulations of unprecedented realism, which aid the user in highly accurate analysis of crystal orientations and phases.

This webinar discusses the advantages of this simulation method in detail and provides many application examples. Learn more about the simulation of pattern fine structure like HOLZ (Higher-Order Laue Zone) rings, patterns of non-centrosymmetric crystals, energy-dependent pattern formation, and many other examples from EBSD and TKD (Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction). See how this toolbox can be used during the everyday work of the analyst.


  • Dr. Daniel Goran, Product Manager EBSD, Bruker Nano, Berlin
  • Dr. Aimo Winkelmann, Senior Scientist EBSD, Bruker Nano, Berlin

Who should attend?

  • Researchers working in electron microscopy labs studying crystalline materials
  • Materials science lecturers and students
  • EBSD users interested in new applications of the method

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