Advancing Feature Analysis and Spectrum Imaging in Scanning Electron Microscopy

Detection and Chemical Classification of Particles in a Composite Sample
Peak Deconvolution in the Low Energy Range
Peak Deconvolution in the Low Energy Range

Developments in energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry (EDS) on scanning electron microscopes (SEM) have broadened the range of possible analyses. This one-hour webinar will discuss advanced analysis options provided by automated feature analysis which combines morphological characterization with chemical classification – which is particularly important for geoscience, mineralogy and mining.

Our webinar will focus on:

  • Detection of features of interest and their morphological analysis
  • Automated spectra acquisition of features
  • Chemical classification based on their composition
  • Retrieval of areas of specific interest for further analysis
  • Advanced analysis options by spectrum imaging techniques
  • Analysis with low electron beam energy (HV<7 kV)
  • Element analysis of structures at the sub-µm scale, in situ within large samples

The discussion will cover several applications including mining and mineral samples:

  • Mineral classification
  • Quantitative mineralogy
  • Ore characterization

A Q&A session will round off the webinar.


  • Dr. Tanja Mohr-Westheide, Postdoc/Research Assistant, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin
  • Dr. Tobias Salge, Senior Application Scientist EDS, Bruker Nano, Berlin

Why should you attend?

  • Expand your knowledge in EDS analysis
  • Learn more about advanced feature analysis and options to extend the analytical capabilities of your SEM
  • Discuss your own applications with experts

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