Combining Measurement Methods

The Benefit of Fast Analytical Instruments

Photo of the Polished Section of the Gujba Meteorite Analyzed3D Reconstruction of the Element Distribution of Fe, Ni, S in the Gujba Meteorite Section

The ultimate goal of every analyst is to get “the most” out of a sample. What story does it tell? How can you grasp its history? Bruker offers many different analytical instruments. In the past couple of years, these instruments have become more powerful and increasingly faster. In this webinar, experts will introduce their individual methods and discuss the benefits of combining the results of their analyses of a single sample.

The example to be discussed is the Gujba meteorite, a CB chondrite, consisting of an “exotic” mixture of rounded metal particles, silicate spherules (chondrules) and fine-grained materials. It therefore lends itself ideally to test the combination of different measurement methods to investigate as many aspects as possible, including 3D structure. Watch everything fall into place to provide the "big picture" of a fascinating analysis object.

Methods covered are:

  • 3D Micro-X-ray fluorescence analysis
  • 3D EDS on SEM
  • EBSD on SEM
  • Laser-ablation ICP-MS
  • 3D Micro-CT

Who should attend?

  • Researchers working in materials science labs
  • Engineering and natural sciences lecturers and students
  • Anybody interested in advanced materials analysis

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