Quantitative Characterization of Nanostructured Materials with Fast TKD Measurement

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Raw orientation TKD map (IPFz) of Pt thin film on Si measured at 328 fps with 4 nm resolution.
Raw orientation TKD map (IPFz) of Pt thin film on Si measured at 328 fps with 4 nm resolution.
e-Flash FS retrofitted with OPTIMUS TKD detector head
For TKD with best sample-detector geometry: e-Flash FS with horizontal OPTIMUS detector head.

This webinar will discuss the quantitative characterisation of nanostructured material using the eFlashFS EBSD detector retrofitted with the OPTIMUS™ TKD head.

Significant improvements in light sensitivity and CCD dark current make the new Fast and Sensitive eFlashFS detector the perfect solution for Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD) in SEM.

Using application examples, we will demonstrate how fast TKD measurements are achieved on different materials, without compromising the spatial resolution. When retrofitted with OPTIMUS™ TKD detector head, eFlashFS detector enables orientation mapping at the nanoscale at speeds of up to 630 frames/sec.

The webinar will be round off by a 15-minute Q&A session where our experts will answer your questions.


  • Dr. Daniel Goran, Product Manager EBSD, Bruker Nano Analytics
  • Dr. Laurie Palasse, Application Scientist EBSD, Bruker Nano Analytics

Who should attend?

  • All-level users interested in characterization of nanostructured material
  • Researchers and specialists interested in Dark Field & Bright Field imaging as well as orientation mapping at the nanoscale
  • FIB/SEM microscopists interested in advanced analytical techniques

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