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Micro-CT in geosciences: Getting the inside story!

A Free Introductory Webinar

November 24, 2016

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Seminar Overview

Micro-computed tomography, or micro-CT, is a growing technology with big potential for the geosciences. Being a non-destructive, high-resolution 3D imaging and analysis method, micro-CT provides information on the porosity, microstructure and composition of geological samples.

This seminar will focus on a general introduction to the technology, and will illustrate the possibilities of non-destructive 3D imaging through many examples.

Topics that might be of interest to oil and gas researchers, sedimentologists, paleontologists, structural geologists and many others will be covered.

What you will learn

  • General introduction to the basic principles of X-ray computed tomography.
  • Overview of the applications of micro-CT in geosciences.
  • Illustration of the advantages of non-destructive 3D imaging, including multi-scale imaging and imaging of dynamic processes.

Who should attend

  • Researchers interested in learning more about micro-CT technology and what it can do for their specific research area.
  • Geoscientists who need to know the microstructure, composition, porosity and other properties of field samples.


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Wesley De Boever, PhD Geology - Application Scientist, Bruker microCT

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