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X-ray microCT analysis of fiber reinforced composite materials

A Free microCT Educational Webinar

September 22, 2016

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Seminar Overview

We explore the opportunities of X-ray microCT for 3D characterization of fiber reinforced materials. The fundamental concepts of microCT are introduced with their link to hardware characteristics. An outline of resolution versus sample characteristics is given by means of real-life examples. We go through the process of 3D analysis and visualization of datasets. 

Key learnings

  • Fundamental concepts of X-ray microCT
  • Hardware selection in function of application
  • microCT analysis of fiber reinforced materials

What you will discover:

The fundamental concepts of X-ray microCT are introduced. Possibilities for characterization of fiber reinforced composites are covered by means of examples


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Frederik Coppens - Application Scientist, Bruker microCT

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