What you will discover

This webinar will focus on the technical specifications of the Bruker AVANCE NEO along with some discussion of potential applications.

Key topics include:

  • Multi-receive experiments
  • Amplifier technology
  • Improvements in NMR sensitivity
  • AVANCE NEO applications including in structural biology, molecular biology and organic chemistry


Clemens Anklin received his PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich) and has been with Bruker since 1988, where he serves as Vice President of NMR Applications and Training.

During this webinar, he will outline the main advances showcased by the Bruker AVANCE NEO and what it could bring to your NMR experiments.

It will highlight one of the main features and advantages of the spectrometer – its multi-receive capabilities. The new Bruker AVANCE NEO has a transceiver as standard for each NMR channel which, as each channel acts like an independent spectrometer, it allows multiple experiments to be conducted simultaneously.

The Bruker AVANCE NEO also features enhanced digital control, including a power distribution unit for ease of use and system power control, an embedded acquisition server and associated client-server software architecture (TopSpin 4 and higher). With future software updates, the system also holds the potential for direct remote control via the cloud.

Also during this webinar, Dr. Anklin will describe the advances in receiver technology which have led to increased spectrometer sensitivity, as well as recent improvements in amplifier technology.

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