What you will discover

This webinar will outline the problems of fraud in the honey industry and how NMR profiling offers a solution for fraud detection, through the simultaneous identification and quantification of multiple compounds.

Key topics include:

  • General situation of global honey market
  • Types of honey fraud
  • How NMR profiling works
  • Advantages & Unique value proposition of the Bruker FoodScreener

Dr Thomas Bocher, Market Manager for Food, Feed & Beverage Solutions and Léa Heintz, Product Manager for the FoodScreener product platform at Bruker BioSpin will outline how NMR profiling using the Bruker FoodScreener can be applied to honey samples.

The webinar will begin with a view on the current situation in the honey market which offers incentives for fraud and the description of the various types of food fraud that honey is subject to, such as adulteration with sugars & sugar syrups and wrong declaration of geographic or botanical origin.

They will then go on to explain the major advantages of NMR-based honey profiling and how this technology makes it possible both to check the authenticity and to determine the quality of a honey sample.

The webinar will introduce you to Bruker’s FoodScreener NMR platform, which can also be used in wine - and fruit juice profiling.

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