What you will discover

During this webinar, Peng will outline the various products her company have been making available to researchers since founding in 2012. This includes facilitating imaging with fluorescence, bioluminescence and radioisotopes. She will highlight the benefits of multimodal imaging, including early detection, high sensitivity and accelerated drug development. The webinar will also illustrate how the products offered by Imanis Life Sciences perfectly complement Bruker’s technology.

Dr. Van Praagh will demonstrate some specific examples of preclinical research drawing together the technology from both companies. He will also highlight how the Bruker In Vivo Xtreme II imaging system combines four imaging modalities – luminescence, fluorescence, radioisotope imaging and X-ray – in one to deliver an unparalleled level of sensitivity, speed and versatility in preclinical imaging. Further, the relative strengths for Optical, microCT, and MRI imaging in tumor progression studies will be reviewed.

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