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Light up Life - In Vivo Optical Imaging in Preclinical Science

A Free Preclinical Imaging Educational Webinar

August 4th, 2016

Figure above:
Injection (i.v.) of DiR-labeled hTNFtg Synovial Fibroblasts 48h after intra-articularly application of PBS (left knee joint; control) or IL-1 (right knee joint) of C57Bl/6 wt mice shows a significantly increased homing into the IL-1 pre-treated knee joint. Left: Positioning of the animal in the Fluorescence Imaging System (white light image). Middle: Co-registration of fluorescence (Cy7 filter setting: Ex = 730 nm, Em = 790 nm) and X-Ray image of fibroblast accumulation in the knee joints in vivo. Right: Ex vivo X-Ray and fluorescence image of dissected Femur / Tibia with a fibroblast accumulation in the knee joints.

Seminar Overview

In vivo optical imaging offers a broad spectrum of applications and thus, represents a powerful tool in preclinical science. In this webinar you will get a short overview of different application possibilities. Three different projects will be highlighted:

  • Interleukin-1 induced early cartilage damage in Rheumatoid Arthritis - In vivo Tracking of Synovial Fibroblasts in mice
  • From a target to an optical tracer: Claudin-4 as a target for pancreatic cancer and its precursor lesions
  • Closing the gap between preclinical and clinical in vivo optical imaging? Endothelin A Receptor as a target for colorectal cancer detection and characterization by fluorescence endoscopy

Who should attend

The webinar addresses to all scientists and technicians working in the field of molecular imaging, preclinical imaging and small animal imaging and scientists who are interested in working with in vivo optical imaging in the future.


Christiane Geyer

Dr. Christiane Geyer

Research assistant in the Workgroup "Molecular Imaging" (Institute of Clinical Radiology, Translational Research Imaging Center, University Hospital Muenster) and within the "Core Unit Preclinical Imaging Experts - Optical Imaging (PIX - OPTI)" (Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research, University Hospital Muenster) (biography)

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