MicroCT and optical imaging for preclinical lung research

A Free Preclinical Imaging Educational Webinar

December 1st, 2016

Seminar Overview

Small animal imaging can provide invaluable insights into mechanisms of disease, as well as the effects of candidate therapeutics in preclinical settings. MicroCT, a tool for preclinical imaging, allows the same technology used in a medical CT scanner to be applied on a microscopic level, meaning detailed “slices” can be taken non-destructively through samples and living animal models. In addition, the use of genetically modified cell lines allow for fast, non-invasive and early detection of lung tumors using optical imaging systems.

In this webinar, Jeroen Hostens, PhD, Business Unit Manager for Optical Molecular Imaging for Bruker microCT, will cover how microCT and optical techniques can be used in both in vivo and ex vivo studies of the lung. He will outline recent studies that have harnessed the technology, approaches to quantifying the information gathered, and consider the major advantages of the latest 3D technologies.

Key learnings

  • Early detection of lung tumors
  • Non-destructive 3D-visualization
  • 3D morphometrical analysis of the lung
  • Longitudinal low-dose scanning

What you will discover

Who should attend

This webinar will interest chief scientific officers, senior executives, directors, team leaders and senior scientists involved in the research and development of oncology drugs, including those working in the pre-clinical areas of pharmacology, research, and drug development.

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