What you will discover

Professor Gianmario Sambuceti will describe his team’s experience of establishing an experimental small-animal imaging lab on-site at the IRCCS San Martino, one of Europe’s largest hospitals, using Bruker PET technology.

Key topics include:

  • Establishing a lab layout
  • microPET applications in cancer research
  • Tracer kinetics studies
  • Studying the metabolism of cancer cells
  • Metabolic evaluation of non-model organisms

Professor Sambuceti and his team at the Nuclear Medicine Unit, Department of Health Sciences, University of Genoa and IRCCS AOU San Martino-IST, Genoa, Italy identified a previously unknown way of processing glucose in cancer cells through the application of microPET imaging.

The findings shed new light on established models of cell metabolism, and could lead to new options for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

During this webinar, Professor Sambuceti will explain how the team used Bruker PET technology in their research to study how glucose is used by cancer cells. He will describe the team’s findings and outline how the particular advantages of PET imaging helped overcome obstacles to this kind of research in the past.

Professor Sambuceti will explain as well the benefits and rationale behind establishing a small animal imaging lab integrated with local research institutions and the hospital. He will also describe some of the practical considerations that go into planning a lab layout and workflow, and how his team optimized the Bruker Albira system for their needs.

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