What you will discover

Learn how recent technological developments are now pushing the boundaries of sensitivity, function and capabilities to support research and drive deep, rich information.

  • Cross-platform multimodal transport beds for advanced multimodal imaging across the Bruker preclinical range including; ICON and BioSpec MR systems, microCT system, and Albira PET/SPECT/CT.
  • An SPF compatible anesthesia system that provides for even anesthesia delivery and facilitates active removal of waste gases.
  • Enhancements to speed and sensitivity for all modalities with integration of faster optics and more sensitive detectors, higher X-ray flux sources, and brighter illumination.
  • An integrated multispectral fluorescent imaging system .
  • Full field of view X-ray and DRI through the use of patented phosphor screen technologies, accommodating large sample sizes and flexible radioisotopic imaging.
  • Rotation imaging for optimized imaging for high sensitivity and 360 degree perspectives. 
  • And most recently, a new -90°C, ultra-low read noise CCD detector, providing leading radiance detection for imaging the most demanding bioluminescent imaging applications.
  • X-ray imaging hardware and software features including a microfocus X-ray head, 4-position aluminum filter wheel, geometric magnification stage, and Bone Density Software (provides for CaPO4 g/cm3 measurements).

During this webinar we will review how multimodal optical imaging can enhance research in a wide variety of applications.

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