Biographical Information

Dr Frida Ponthan

is the new Senior Scientist and Head of Oncology and Preclinical Imaging at Epistem Limited. She has extensive experience of pre-clinical animal modelling ranging from solid tumour models to orthotopic models of leukaemia, and monitoring of disease using in vivo optical imaging techniques. She has a PhD in haematology and oncology from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden where she specialised in the pharmacogenetics and pharmacodynamics of retinoids to establish new treatment modalities for paediatric cancers. 11 years ago, Frida moved to the UK to take up a position as Research Associate at Newcastle University.

During this time she designed in vivo xenograft models and in vitro experiments to elucidate the mechanism of action of small molecule inhibitors as single agents and in combination with chemotherapeutic drugs. For the last 8 years Frida has been heavily involved in establishing methods, such as lentiviral marking of cell lines and PDX samples, to allow for in vivo tracking of disease progression using optical imaging. Furthermore, she has gained experience in gene editing methods such as RNAi and CRISPR and performed in vitro and in vivo screens based on these techniques.

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