Trace Elemental Analysis of Challenging Samples in the Mining and Resource Industry

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TXRF in mining and resource industry
TXRF spectrometry: the ideal tool for trace element analysis in the mining and resource industry
Photo: Damian Baker, © Earthworks and Mining Watch Canada

Total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) spectrometry can be the ideal tool for (trace) element analysis in the mining and resources industries. While routine analysis, like trace element determination in ores or sulfur analysis in oils, can be handled by common analytical techniques like WDXRF and ICP-MS, there is a broad range of sample types and analytical tasks, which cannot easily be analyzed by these techniques but are ideal for TXRF analysis.

One example is the analysis of mining effluents. These are often very aggressive solutions with extreme pH-values and a broad range of elemental compositions, which makes it difficult or even dangerous to analyze them with common techniques. Additionally, mining sites are often located in remote areas where the supply of consumables like technical gases is difficult to maintain, this does not affect TXRF. The possibilities and limitations of TXRF analysis for the analysis of this sample type will be presented in detail.

Another challenging application field is the analysis of Benfield solutions. These are reactive solutions, applied in the corresponding process for the removal of

CO2 from synthesis or natural gas.

Beside the extremely high matrices of these solutions the main analytical challenges are again the facility restrictions concerning instrument consumables and availability of well- trained analytical staff. Like for mining effluents TXRF can also deliver an analytical solution for this challenging application.

A Q&A session will round off the webinar.



  • Dr. Armin Gross, Product Manager TXRF, Bruker Nano, Berlin, Germany
  • Dr. Hagen Stosnach, Application Scientist TXRF, Bruker Nano, Berlin, Germany

Who should attend?

  • Analytical experts in the mining industry
  • Analytical users in facilities, applying the Benfield process or similar procedures

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