Iodine Value (IV)

The American Oil Chemists' Society (AOCS) recommends the use of ASTM method D1959-97, also known as the Wijs method, for determination of IV. The method involves the addition of Wijs solution to the sample, after which it is allowed to stand in the dark. The reaction is complete after approximately 30 min, at which time potassium iodide is added. The liberated iodine is then titrated with sodium thiosulfate, using a standard starch solution as the indicator.

Laboratory measurements can be performed using the new AOCS Cd 1e-01 method, using Bruker Optics FT-NIR spectrometers with 8 mm disposable vials. The oils and fats of various types used to generate the calibration model and results are more consistent and reliable. The range of IV is between 0 and 185. The prediction result is automatically output to a spreadsheet that can be easily transferred to you records.

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