Consumer Products

Advantages compared to classical methods are the speed and accuracy of analysis. Both fluorine and hydrogen at the level of a few hundred ppm. One proven application is the determination of either monofluoro-phosphate or sodium fluoride in toothpaste.

Besides oral hygiene products such as toothpaste and mouthwash, applications exist for soaps, perfumes, lotions, cosmetics and feminine hygiene products. The benchtop NMR technique allows for the differentiation of various environments (bound and free water, oil, etc) at different temperatures in a given product with out the use of wet chemicals, eliminating sources of error. This makes our methodology a very reliable and powerful tool.

Water absorption profiling, oil droplet/ water droplet distributions, wax in lipstick, moisturizing quality, etc., are other can all be investigated with this non-invasive, surface independent, non-destructive, color blind technique.

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