Food Industry

We provide fast and reliable determination of crucial components of your food products. Some examples are:

  • Determination of Solid Fat Content (SFC) and melt profile of fat compositions and margarines
  • Moisture content in margarine
  • Determination of polar parts in deep-frying oils
  • Oil or fat content in foods, confectionery products, and animal feeds
  • Simultaneous determination of oil and moisture in oilseeds
  • Fat and Moisture in milk powders and milk powder products
  • Moisture determinations in rice and a variety of foods
  • Total oil and/or moisture in emulsions
  • Water distribution in dispersions and gels
  • Droplet size distribution in water in oil emulsions
  • Investigation of freezing processes
  • Unilever water droplet size application
  • Total Casein content in milk

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