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For TopSpin and Bruker Suite evaluation licenses please go here: Free Evaluation license

Please complete this form to request Bruker NMR software license password(s). Entries marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
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 information about spectrometer hardware and operating system requirements.
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1 Floating license
2 Node-locked license
3 Windows/Linux: Floating licenses; Mac OS X: Node-locked licenses
4 For Windows only

N/A: not available
Please note that floating and node-locked licenses cannot be combined in one license file.

License types:  Full | Additional | Processing-Only | Demo
  (#1-350)         (#1-300)         (#1-300)      
  (#351-500)     (#301-450)     (#301-450)  
  (#501-550)     (#451-500)     (#451-500)  
  (#551-600)     (#501-550)     (#501-550)  
  (#601-650)     (#551-600)     (#551-600)  
  (#651-700)     (#651-650)     (#651-650)  
  • Please note that demo licenses are not available for BBIOREFCODE.
  • All BBIOREFCODE licenses are floating.
Please note that demo licenses are not available for HyStar.

In case an MS spectrometer is part of the setup, the complete Compass package including the MS software must have matching versions. Contact us for details.

License types:  Basic LC-NMR | DAD | SPE | Extended MS | Additional Processing

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