Mass Spectrometry Software Support

Software Advice

In case software assistance is needed, call the user helpdesk. There you will find the necessary contact information

Software Downloads

Software updates can be included as part of a service contract or purchased regularly. A download service is available for selected software and patch releases. Please see → Downloads & Patches (please login to access this page).

Current Software available

BioPharma Compass 1.1 for OTOF and amaZon
BioTools 3.2 SR4 Peptide/Protein Data Analysis Package
ClinProTools 3.0 Software for Biomarker Detection and Evaluation
Compass 1.3 for flex for all MALDI-TOF(/TOF), including MBT and IVD-MBT 2.2
Compass 1.4 for flex for all MALDI-TOF(/TOF), including MBT and IVD-MBT 2.3
Compass 1.5 for solariX SR1 SW-package for solariX FTMS systems
Compass 1.7 for amaZon for all amaZon systems (speed, speed ETD, SL, X and ETD)
Compass 1.9 for OTOF for compact, impact, and maXis systems
CompassXport 3.0
CompassXtract 3.1.4 32- and 64-bit versions available
Compass OpenAccess 1.4 Automated walk-up LC/MS chemical formula generation software
Compass Security Pack 2.0 Supports the customer to be compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
Data Analysis 4.3 Software package DataAnalysis 4.2
Data Analysis Viewer 4.3
EASY-nLC 2.7 Latest EASY-nLC firmware with IFC
flexImaging 4.0 Comprehensive and powerful MALDI Imaging
GenoTools 2.0 Software for SNP Genotyping and Oligo QC
HyStar Plug-in for HPLC Eksigent driver 2.6
HyStar Plug-in for Agilent ICF v.1.5
HyStar Plug-in for Dionex UltiMate3000 v. 2.13
HyStar Plug-in for EASY-nLC 2.0
HyStar Plug-in for Hitachi LaChromUltra 1.0
HyStar Plug-in for nano-Advance
HyStar Plug-in for Waters UPLC v1.2.1 for nano-Acquity
HyStar Plug-in for Waters UPLC v1.6
Shimadzu LC Driver Ver. 6.1 for HyStar™
IVD MALDI Biotyper 2.3 Microorganism Identification and Classification
MetaboliteTools 2.0 SR4 Software for Metabolite Prediction and Identification
PolyTools 1.2 Synthetic Polymer Analysis Tool Kit
ProfileAnalysis 2.1 Software for profiling and statistical evaluation of LC/MS data sets
ProteinScape 3.1 Database System for Proteomics Project Management
Target Analysis 1.3 SR2 Software for library-based screening approaches
TASQ 1.0 Target Analysis for Screening and Quantitation